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By Mike Peña

3 min read | Jul 22, 2014

Over the past academic year, we’ve highlighted some of the most insightful moments from the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar series through our monthly eCorner newsletter.

But before looking towards the speakers for the upcoming school year, we wanted to take a moment to find out which video clips from the past year, outside those featured in the newsletter, have been the most popular — to get a sense of what else everyone is watching. So we crunched the numbers to see which clips tallied the most views.

Not surprisingly, the three videos that rose to the top focused on topics that anyone interested in entrepreneurship would want to hear more about: unvarnished observations on the present-day venture capital landscape, high-level thoughts on the foundations of innovation, and timeless advice on facing adversity.

With a combined count of over 3,600 views between eCorner and on YouTube, the clip “Costs Changing Investment Strategy” features 500 Startups Founder Dave McClure rattling off numbers that depict the current state of venture-capital investing.

When McClure came to speak in January, he emphatically stated that startup costs are lower than ever, and that, for an entrepreneur with a technology-based business idea, there’s no better time to get started than right now.

Coming in at just over 2,600 views is a clip from last October featuring Cisco’s chief technology and strategy officer, Padmassree Warrior, who discussed the four pillars of innovation at the company. But instead of thinking of Cisco as the global tech giant that it is, Warrior asked the audience to see the company as the composite of 169 acquisitions over a 30-year span.

And that gets back to the four pillars of innovation at a company whose roots lie in replicating routers housed at Stanford in the 1980s — and that going forward aims to enable the “Internet of Everything.”

The third clip, viewed just over 1,900 times across ECorner and YouTube, is sure to see its clicks increase in the years ahead. It contains timeless and inspiring wisdom from filmmaker Tyler Perry, by way of personal-branding expert and entrepreneur Tristan Walker.

When Walker came to Stanford last spring, he recalled needing to stop an interview he was doing with the prolific, multifaceted entertainer because of something Perry said: that the trials we go through in life, and the blessings we receive, are one and the same.

What Perry meant, Walker explained, was that each challenge we overcome teaches us a lesson, and that every lesson — if we truly take it to heart — is a blessing. Realizing this, Walker said, can be liberating for entrepreneurs and calming in the face of adversity.

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