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Amit Chatterjee
Hara, Inc.

Amit Chatterjee is CEO and Founder of Hara, a provider of environmental and energy management solutions.

Prior to founding Hara, he led SAP's Governance, Risk and Compliance unit. Mr. Chatterjee developed strategic and leadership experience while at McKinsey & Co., working with clients such as SAP, Cisco, and Oracle.

Chatterjee holds a B.A. degrees in Political Science and Chemistry from UC Berkeley, with graduate studies at Stanford University.

Mr.Chatterjee is a thought-leader on green economy innovation, energy independence, and entrepreneurship. He has participated in prominent conferences such as the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, and he has been a featured participant at Fortune Brainstorm Tech, Aspen Institute?s Clean Energy Economic Forum, and the Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change Conference.

Mr. Chatterjee is the author of The Post Carbon Economy, and he sits on the board of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association.

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Last Updated: Wed, Sep 29, 2010


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