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Gordon Ringold

Dr. Ringold was most recently CEO of the Glaxo-Wellcome Group's Affymax Research Institute, where he managed the development of novel technologies to accelerate the pace of drug discovery. He is a co-founder and director of Maxygen Corporation, a Managing Partner of Technogen Associates, L.P., a private investment firm, and has over fifteen years of experience managing the discovery and development of pharmaceuticals and novel, enabling life science technologies. Prior to Affymax, Dr. Ringold served as Director and Vice President of the Institute for Cancer and Developmental Biology at Syntex, now a division of Hoffman La-Roche. Dr. Ringold received his B.A. in Biology from UC Santa Cruz, and his Ph.D. in Microbiology from UC San Francisco. He was on the faculty of the Department of Pharmacology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and is currently a consulting professor there.

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Last Updated: Wed, Apr 19, 2006


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