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Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins is the Founder of Numenta, but he is also well known as the co-founder of two companies, Palm and Handspring, and as the architect of many computing products, such as the PalmPilot and the Treo smartphone.

Throughout his life Hawkins has also had a deep interest in neuroscience and theories of the neocortex. His interest in the brain led him to create the non-profit Redwood Neuroscience Institute (RNI), a scientific organization focused on understanding how the human neocortex processes information. While at RNI, Hawkins developed a theory of neocortex which appeared in his 2004 book, On Intelligence.

Along with Dileep George and Donna Dubinsky, Hawkins founded Numenta in 2005 to develop a technology platform derived from his theory. It is his hope that Numenta will play a catalytic role in creating an industry based on this theory and technology.

Jeff Hawkins earned his B.S. in electrical engineering from Cornell University in 1979. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2003.

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Last Updated: Thu, Apr 2, 2009


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Category Title Author/Speaker Organization Length Date
Video Serial Entrepreneurship: Redwood Neuroscience Institute Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 01:47 10/2002
Video Profiles of Entrepreneurs Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 00:36 10/2002
Video Importance of Experience Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 02:47 10/2002
Video Follow Your Passions Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 02:54 10/2002
Video Individual vs. Company Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 01:12 10/2002
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Video You Can Live a Normal Life Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 01:33 10/2002
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Video The Role of Market Research Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 03:49 10/2002
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Video Hawkins: What I Wish I'd Learned in College Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 03:32 10/2002
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Video Product Development: Importance of Customers and Testing Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 02:06 10/2002
Video Portable Technologies Jeff Hawkins Handspring/Palm 02:59 10/2002

Displaying 21 to 36 of 36 results found for Jeff Hawkins  Page: 1 2