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Larry Bawden
Jadoo Power

As an entrepreneurial leader, Larry Bawden has been focused on building companies that take technology from the lab and moving them through the process of commercialization and into a variety of consumer markets.  

Larry is currently the CEO of Q1 NanoSystems which has designed and patented the next generation solar cell utilizing Q1 Solar Brush technology. Current solar solutions are far from achieving economic parity with today's fossil fuel energy sources. Q1 NanoSystems technology will reduce current solar energy costs from $0.34/kWh down to $0.12/kWh, a 65% decrease from today's prices. The solution allows residential and commercial consumers to take advantage of a clean, limitless resource, while enjoying a fast return on their investment.  

Prior to Q1 NanoSystems Larry founded Jadoo Power Systems, Inc. (Jadoo) a solutions oriented, market-driven provider of portable fuel cell power products.  Commercially-shipping products are a rare find in the crowded fuel cell industry; yet, with Larry leadership, Jadoo has developed proven technology, resulting in the production of economically-viable, hydrogen-based fuel cell solutions.

Larry's first involvement with moving the fuel cell industry forward was developing a strategic technology transfer and partnership agreement between Aerojet and H Power Corporation (acquired by Plug Power - NASDAQ:PLUG). He held senior management positions in other energy and aerospace companies dealing with technology, business development, investment management, corporate strategy and engineering.  Larry served on several key technical and advisory committees throughout his career in the aerospace industry and is the recipient of the Group Achievement award from NASA.

As a co-inventor on five pending fuel cell and fuel cell system patents his advice is sought by businesses and government entities in dealing with key strategies related to implementation of fuel cell and hydrogen technology. Larry has been appointed to the recently formed Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee (HTAC). HTAC was formed in accordance with the 2005 Energy Policy Act as a key component of President Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative.  In this role, Larry is giving recommendations to the Secretary of Energy regarding Department of Energy's (DOE) programs, plans and activities, as well as regulatory, economic and environmental issues related to the commercialization of hydrogen-based fuel cell products.

Larry is the recipient of the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 Award" for Emerging Markets - Northern California.

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Last Updated: Fri, Aug 1, 2008


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