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Matthew Rabinowitz

Dr. Matthew Rabinowitz has had dual careers in industry and academia. He completed his B.A., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees at Stanford University, receiving both the Levin and Terman Awards  the highest academic honors offered respectively in engineering and physics  and a graduate fellowship to the school of engineering. While completing his dissertation, Rabinowitz co-founded an intelligent online merchandizing company,, which later sold for $100M. Shortly after, Rabinowitz started his second company, Rosum, which developed a location technology using TV signals to augment GPS. Rosum received the World Economic Forum "100 Technology Pioneers" award when he was CTO.

In 2003, Rabinowitz's life took a turn. A family member had a child born with a genetic disease and the child died. Rabinowitz experienced firsthand the trauma, stress, and devastation that an unexpected diagnosis of genetic disease can bring to a family and he was moved to action. Drawing on expertise from his seemingly unrelated background, he embarked on a journey with the goal of ensuring that other families need not experience similar pain wrought by the inability to have a healthy child. Bringing together a team of experts in medicine, engineering, statistics, and genetics, along with his own skills in optimization, signal processing, informatics, and entrepreneurship - Natera was born.

Rabinowitz is now an authority in the field of prenatal and preconception informatics-based genetic testing. He has served as the Principal Investigator on six research grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health from which multiple publications have emerged in the leading journals of the field such as Bioinformatics, Human Reproduction, and Molecular Human Reproduction. He actively presents at medical conferences around the world,including at the annual meeting of the American College of Medical Genetics, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and Fetal Medicine Foundation World Congress.

Rabinowitz is a board member, advisor, and angel investor for multiple technology companies in the fields of biotech, communications, cleantech and healthcare. He has received the Scott Helt Memorial Award from IEEE and was selected by MIT Technology Review Magazine as one of the top 35 technology innovators under 35 in the US.

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Last Updated: Thu, Sep 19, 2013


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