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Paul Yock
Stanford University

Paul G. Yock, M.D. is the Martha Meier Weiland Professor of Medicine and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, by courtesy. Dr. Yock is Co-Chair of Stanford's new Department of Bioengineering and Director of the Stanford Program in Biodesign. Dr. Yock is a Stanford cardiologist internationally known for his work in inventing, developing and testing new devices, including the Rapid Exchange balloon angioplasty system, which is the dominant angioplasty system in use worldwide. Yock also invented a Doppler-guided hypodermic needle system, the Smart Needle and P-D Access. Dr. Yock is Director of the Center for Research in Cardiovascular Interventions, a Stanford facility that develops and tests new technologies in cardiovascular medicine. The focus of Dr. Yock's research program is the field of intravascular ultrasound. He authored the fundamental patents for intravascular ultrasound imaging and founded Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, now a division of Boston Scientific resulting from a 1994 acquisition for over $100M. In 1998 Dr. Yock developed a new interdepartmental and inter-school program at Stanford, the Medical Device Network (MDN). MDN helps stimulate and guide the process of biomedical technology innovation within the University. Recently MDN has been expanded under Dr. Yock's leadership into a broader research and educational initiative, the Stanford Program in Biodesign. MDN is now BDN, the Biodesign Network. The primary mission of Biodesign is to promote the invention and implementation of new health technologies through interdisciplinary research and education at the frontiers of engineering and the biomedical sciences.

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Last Updated: Wed, Feb 28, 2007


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Video Medical Inventions: Physicians and Entrepreneurs in Partnership Paul Yock Stanford CRCI 01:20 01/2003
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Video Who is Leading the Stent Market Today? Paul Yock Stanford CRCI 01:18 01/2003
Video Startups: How to Avoid Being Squashed by Big Companies? Paul Yock Stanford CRCI 01:10 01/2003
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Video Medical Devices and Nanotechnology Paul Yock Stanford CRCI 00:59 01/2003
Video Scaling Technologies to the Developing World Paul Yock Stanford CRCI 01:16 01/2003

Displaying 21 to 34 of 34 results found for Paul Yock  Page: 1 2