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Randy Komisar
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Randy Komisar joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers as a partner in 2005. Several years prior, Komisar partnered with entrepreneurs creating businesses with leading edge technologies.

He was a co-founder of Claris Corporation, he served as CEO for LucasArts Entertainment and Crystal Dynamics, and he's acted as a "virtual CEO" for such companies as WebTV, Mirra, and GlobalGiving. He was a founding Director of TiVo where he remains current chairman of the Nominating and Governance Committee. Earlier, Komisar served as CFO of GO Corporation and as Senior Counsel for Apple Computer, following a private practice in technology law.

Komisar holds a BA in Economics from Brown University and a JD from Harvard Law School. He is a Consulting Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University and author of the best-selling book The Monk and the Riddle, as well as several articles on leadership and entrepreneurship. His most recent book with co-author John Mullins is Getting to Plan B.

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Last Updated: Thu, Apr 8, 2010


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Podcast Getting to Plan B Randy Komisar KPCB 01:01:23 04/2010
Podcast Entrepreneurship Within a Marriage Randy Komisar · Debra Dunn KPCB 01:03:27 05/2005
Video Getting to Plan B (Entire Talk) Randy Komisar KPCB 01:00:49 04/2010
Video Are Business Plans a Work of Fiction? Randy Komisar KPCB 02:06 04/2010
Video The Benefits of Mapping Plan A Randy Komisar KPCB 01:24 04/2010
Video Analogs and Antilogs: Nothing is "Revolutionary" Randy Komisar KPCB 04:25 04/2010
Video Identifying Leaps of Faith Randy Komisar KPCB 02:17 04/2010
Video Investment Arenas of 2010 Randy Komisar KPCB 01:42 04/2010
Video A Day in the Life of Randy Komisar Randy Komisar KPCB 01:38 04/2010
Video The Valley Absorbs Failure Randy Komisar KPCB 05:11 04/2010
Video A Customer's Unknown Delight Randy Komisar KPCB 02:55 04/2010
Video Beyond the Social Web Randy Komisar KPCB 03:20 04/2010
Video A Venture Capitalist Innovation Process Randy Komisar KPCB 02:11 05/2007
Video The TiVo Transformation Randy Komisar KPCB 02:08 05/2007
Video Innovation Advice from George Lucas Randy Komisar KPCB 00:51 05/2007
Video A Cautionary Word on the Deferred Life Plan Randy Komisar KPCB 01:21 05/2007
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Video Lessons Learned from Failures Randy Komisar KPCB 04:05 05/2007
Video A View On Industry Bubbles and Investment Partners Randy Komisar KPCB 05:26 05/2007
Video Optimizing Career and Life Opportunities Randy Komisar KPCB 02:07 05/2007

Displaying 1 to 20 of 44 results found for Randy Komisar  Page: 1 2 3