Pros and Cons of Being a Young Entrepreneur

Steve Garrity · Clara Shih, Hearsay Social; Tristan Harris, Apture; Kimber Lockhart, Increo Solutions, Inc.; Joshua Reeves, Gusto; Jeff Seibert, Twitter

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What are the biggest obstacles and assets for young entrepreneurs? Unwrapped, inc. founder Josh Reeves answers that the biggest obstacle it not knowing how to manage all the priorities. Clara Shih, founder of Hearsay Labs, believes that being a young entrepreneur has its advantages because you can highlight your ability to solve problems from a fresh perspective. Steve Garrity, of Hearsay Labs, says that youth allows you to ask lots of seemingly naive questions. Plus, Increo Solutions, Inc. founder Kimber Lockhart adds that starting a business is challenging for everyone, not just young entrepreneurs. Don't assume that older, first time entrepreneurs have all the answers.

Feb 10, 2010

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