How to Find Customers

Steve Garrity · Clara Shih, Hearsay Social; Kimber Lockhart, Increo Solutions, Inc.; Jeff Seibert, Twitter; Joshua Reeves, Gusto; Tristan Harris, Apture

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Target your customer and their needs, says Tristan Harris, founder of Apture. His company recently hired a community manager to target ideal bloggers to beta test their products. Jeff Seibert, founder of Increo Solutions, Inc., agrees that you need to build a specific customer profile then find out where they hangout online. Summing it up, the underlying philosophy in getting customers, explains Josh Reeves, founder of unwrapped, inc., is to be scrappy, opportunistic and have a strategy in getting that customer. When you're at a coffee shop, bring up your company. "You never know where that conversation will lead."

Feb 10, 2010

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