New Ideas Are a Short Trip Away

Stanford University

Why can’t I come up with any great new ideas?

Maybe you’ve stopped taking note of what’s around you.

Have you noticed that a certain part of your brain seems dialed-up when you travel somewhere new? In the engaging video below, Tom Kelley, general manager of juggernaut design firm IDEO, discusses why this higher level of awareness is a huge benefit when trying to come up with new, innovative ideas.

“You are the undisputed expert of your own experience.”

Tom Kelley, IDEO

Kelley points out that when you travel to a new destination, you become acutely aware of everything that may be different, right down to the currency being used and the shoes people are wearing. But what would happen if you maintained this kind of mindset for use in your everyday thinking? Get ready for a wave of new insights and ideas.

However, these new observations may be fleeting, and Kelley urges you to capture them in any way you can. By doing so, you are not only creating a well of new ideas, but you may also be constructing a more up-to-date view of human behavior. This can be another major advantage when it comes to innovating a product, design, or concept.  According to Kelley, “you are the undisputed expert of your own experience.” Think like a traveler and capture all the lessons around you.