Why Start a Company?

Matt Harvey, Stanford University November 3, 2010

Starting your own business takes immense courage. It is a leap of faith — a bet placed on your wisdom, skills, and tenacity to deliver on a dream. With so much often at stake, why would anyone actually choose this path? Is it for money? Is it for power or notoriety? Is it because you’re a swashbuckling risk taker? Or is it for an entirely different reason?

The true answers can be as unique as the people who make this choice. The courage to take this kind of risk can come from so many places. Were you inspired by an amazing idea? Did your struggles with a problem lead you to discover a solution right before your eyes? Or is it something within calling upon you to make an impact in society? In the following video, a group of young entrepreneurs discuss their personal reasons for taking the leap.

Their reasons are all different, some even a bit surprising.

So watch the video, and then tell us… what is your reason?