Chapter 6: The Business Story and Plan

Tom Byers, Stanford University,
Andrew Nelson, University of Oregon
and Richard Dorf, University of California, Davis

Entrepreneurs respond to attractive opportunities by forming new firms. In this chapter, we consider the five-step process for establishing a new enterprise. One particularly noteworthy step in the process is the development of a story and a business plan, including a compelling business model. The story is a compelling synopsis of why this venture is needed at this moment in time and how it can achieve success. We then detail the task of writing a business plan, which is an effort to better prepare the venture for testing its assumptions and hypotheses. An example of a well-prepared business model is provided in appendix A. Visit the textbook website for additional sample business plans, models and slide (or pitch) decks.

1. “Purpose of a Business Plan” with Tom Byers, Stanford University

2. “Work Backwards From the Customer” with Diego Piacentini, Amazon

3. “Have a Sense of Urgency” with Mike Maples, Floodgate

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