Would You Sell to Yahoo!?

Oh, what to do when your organization is so big it can no longer focus on inventing new products and technologies? Maybe it’s time to go shopping for companies. In this clip, former Yahoo! COO Dan Rosensweig discusses why Yahoo! goes out and buys a company. He makes no bones about Yahoo! being in the advertising business, the never-ending pursuit for more eyeballs.

Even if Yahoo! purchases something that doesn’t make a sound business on its own, the purchase could make a great add-on to their other services. Anybody ever hear of Flickr? So let’s say you have a great online product or service, but you’re just having a hard time with the whole monetization thing. What is the smart play?

Do you hang in there on your own, as competition springs up on all sides?

Or do you make the deal when Yahoo!/Google/facebook come calling?