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Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Raj Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer, Lyft John Viera, Global Director of Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters, Ford Motor Company
In Conversation with Pedram Mokrian, Adjunct Professor, Stanford University

Join us for a special conversation with Raj Kapoor, Lyft’s Chief Strategy Officer, and John Viera, Ford’s Global Director of Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters, hosted by Pedram Mokrian, an Adjunct Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

Kapoor focuses on autonomous (self-driving) business opportunities and new business at Lyft. Prior, he helped create the first interactive networked media applications including VOD and interactive TV, co-founded and ran HP-acquired online photo service Snapfish, invested in companies at the Mayfield Fund and ran the fitness network fit mob.

Viera focuses on global sustainable business plans, environmental regulations and evaluating environmental performance. In his more than 30 years at Ford, he’s worked across planning, engineering and manufacturing to develop Ford’s first natural gas pickup truck, serve as Chief Engineer for Ford’s compact picks ups and full size SUVs and to actively support the Product Development arm of the Ford African Ancestry Network.

Mokrian examines how new technologies (connected devices, mobile, software systems), analytics (big data stack), and new business models (consumer marketplaces, product driven services) can disrupt large incumbent markets such as energy, manufacturing, logistics, education and commerce.

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series is supported by the venture capital firm DFJ.

Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor

John Viera

John Viera

When: Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 4:30 - 5:20 pm

Audience: General Public

Admission: Free

Where: NVIDIA Auditorium, Stanford University

Type of Event: Interview