Work with us to equip a new generation with the tools to brave ethical dilemmas.

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Join Stanford Professor Tom Byers and other academic and industry leaders in developing an applied-ethics toolkit to improve entrepreneurship and innovation education and research.

We need and deeply appreciate your voice, ideas, and questions.

— The PEAK (Principled Entrepreneurial Action and Knowledge) Team at the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP).

Why now? Why this?

Entrepreneurs and innovators influence every aspect of our lives. The effects of breakthrough technologies and disruptive enterprises cut across industries, institutions and academic disciplines. Yet formal entrepreneurship education has often relegated ethics to the fringes of the curriculum. The next generation of technology entrepreneurs requires a robust toolkit for creating ethical, impactful solutions at scale.

Creating new teaching materials will mean teasing apart a few entwined threads:

  • First, we must consider what it means to have values and teach them in a secular, nonpartisan way.
  • Second, we must look at what methods best teach students about themselves in particular and entrepreneurial projects in general.
  • Third, we must consider the unique aspects of the entrepreneur’s environment, from a variety of investment structures, methods for experimentation and growth, and the cultural norms within different geographies.

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