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Research Insight: Entrepreneurship Education Is About More than Startup Creation

Jon Fjeld, Duke University,
Hadiyah Mujhid, HBCUvc
and Elizabeth Brake, Venture for America
In conversation with: Chuck Eesley, Stanford University

In a recent paper, Stanford professor Chuck Eesley and Notre Dame professor Yong Suk Lee observed that formal entrepreneurship education helped Stanford alumni founders raise more funding and scale more quickly than peers who received no formal entrepreneurship training. But entrepreneurship education didn’t lead to a higher rate of startup creation itself. What should that finding mean for entrepreneurship educators? In this episodes, Eesley poses that question to three thought leaders devoted to training future innovators: Jon Fjeld of Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, Hadiyah Mujhid of HBCUvc, and Elizabeth Brake of Venture for America. The conversations explore the many ways that entrepreneurship education can impact students and aspiring innovators — even if they never found a company themselves.