Advice on Raising Venture Money

Dan Springer, Responsys
In conversation with: Stan Christensen, Arbor Advisors

Dan Springer, CEO of Responsys, offers advice on how to raise venture money. Springer suggests that raising money depends on three factors: 1) What you have to offer, 2) The state of the venture market, and 3) An entrepreneurs long term goals. Springer argues that it is challenging for an entrepreneur with little experience or just an idea, as opposed to a business, to raise money and advises that entrepreneurs might be well served to raise money when they have a stronger value proposition. In addition, Springer also recognizes that the state of the venture market also affects the ability of an entrepreneur to raise capital. Finally, Springer proposes that entrepreneurs consider the value of the long term relationship with venture investors when bargaining on venture deals and highlights the benefits of leaving enough room in a venture deal to ensure investors get a good return.