Do Bands

“Grab a Do-Band and Get It Done!”

The Do-Band project sets out to create positive social change through self-empowerment. One of the greatest obstacles facing “Causes” is that you often must convince the person to support your cause?but this creates a paralyzing chasm between acknowledgement and action. Signatures and pledges mean very little without true commitment. Do-Bands combine this insight with the realization that everyone has their own causes that they care about. Everyone has something on his/her To-Do list that they want to do, they ought to do, but they just never get to it (calling your mom, registering to vote, or donating blood). These are powerful to-do items that have a lot of potential…if only they were completed. Do-Bands overcome this block. Here is how they work: We labeled and handed out hundreds of Do-Bands. By accepting a Do-Band, you are pledging to wear the Do-Band until you fulfill your promise. Then, you record your success, and pass the Do-Band to someone else! However, each Do-Band has a unique number on it, so the value and journey of the individual band can be tracked online ( In this way, participants are given the opportunity to see how other stories have branched out from theirs, creating a social web of success stories that empowers people to take action. In addition, we created Virtual Do-Bands that allowed us to reach beyond the Stanford campus and actually go international. Do-Bands were able to capture the spirit of E-Week by promoting creativity, risk taking, and innovation by encouraging individuals to follow through with a commitment to themselves or others.