Reasons to Start a Company, Part 2

Steve Garrity, Hearsay Social; Clara Shih, Hearsay Labs; Kimber Lockhart, Increo Solutions, Inc.; Jeff Seibert, Twitter; Joshua Reeves, ZenPayroll; Tristan Harris, Apture

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Kimber Lockhart, cofounder of Increo Solutions, Inc. with Jeff Seibert, believes that starting her company was part of the general process of solving a business problem. Jeff Seibert says that it was all about building the right product in an environment that allows him to do a vast variety of tasks. Tristan Harris, founder of Apture, admits he didn't necessarily want to start a company nor build a product. What he really was interested in was how to solve the problem of creating a rich news environment on the Web.

Feb 10, 2010

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