Breaking the Venture Capital Mold [Entire Talk]

Charles Hudson, Precursor Ventures
In conversation with: Ravi Belani, Stanford University

Charles Hudson is the founder and managing partner of Precursor Ventures, an early­ stage venture capital firm focused on investing in the first institutional round of investment for the most promising software and hardware companies. Under his leadership, Precursor Ventures has raised four funds and has over $175 million under management. He has invested in 250 companies and supported more than 400 founders, including the teams behind Clearco, Juniper Square, The Athletic, Incredible Health, Carrot, and Pair Eyewear. In this conversation with Stanford adjunct lecturer Ravi Belani, Hudson discusses his views on the structural inequities in the venture capital industry and how he thinks people in the industry can work to create more access to funding for founders who don’t fit the traditional mold.